LCA Quadrant tool for

Navigating through footprint data

An LCA provides you with a huge quantity of layered data on the environmental impact of your product over all its life cycle stages and thus sometimes loses the forest for the trees. Our LCA QUADRANT tool has all the necessary features to keep a comprehensive overview and allows an easy drill down to lift out your hotspots.

Supporting comprehensive eco-design

A lifecycle assessment (LCA) calculates the impact of your product according to 19 environmental impact categories and across each stage of its lifecycle. It details the full environmental impact of your product, from raw materials and supply chain to production processes, logistics, application, maintenance and end-of-life processing. As a result, LCAs are mandatory for every Green Deal proposal.


A roadmap for continuous improvement

When you benchmark your as-is situation with your to-be ecological footprint after a hotspot analysis, you are empowered to plan your sustainable innovations and clearly demonstrate improved impacts to your stakeholders. Easily develop a sustainable roadmap and identify the KPIs you need to track and improve to achieve your goals.



Benchmarking for sustainable product selection

The environmental performance of products may differ due to raw materials used, supply chain factors, production methods, application techniques and/or end-of-life scenarios. When product lifecycle scope and LCA model are the same they can be easily compared – for one or different products – enabling informed and accurately benchmarked environmental product choices.



Hotspot analyses for sustainable innovation

Because an LCA assesses a product’s impact in these 19 categories across each of its lifecycle stages, it highlights the product’s most critical impact category and lifecycle stage. Even more, it drills down even further to identify environmental impact hotspots – a specific raw material, a mode of transport, an energy carrier or even a type of packaging –, and thus guides you on your path toward sustainable innovation.


Empowered eco-design

The hotspot analyses and PEF single score offered by the LCA Tool result in simple, smart environmental footprint interpretations. Easily benchmark environmental performance across multiple products and even simulate the footprints of planned innovations.


How we support your eco-design efforts


LCA Quadrant tool

For a manufacturing company requiring EPDs for 5 products in 4 countries, using the LCA Tool results in an estimated cost savings of 50% and a time savings of 80%. A license is organisation based and includes setup consultancy and continuous updates of standards, norms, methods, data records and scenarios. The tool is cloud-based and grants access to Enperas’ expertise, aftercare and LCA-EPD ecosystem.

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Expert SME support with our LCA Consultancy

Take your first steps into eco-design with our LCA Consultancy. After a kick-off meeting that introduces LCA concepts and standards, we guide you through the data collection phase and complete a model of your product’s lifecycle. We discuss the results with you and detail them in an LCA background report and EPD, which are verified and approved by an independent third party before publication in an EPD database.

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