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Promoting conscious products

Legislation stipulates that an EPD is required to communicate about the sustainable features of your building material. In doing so, the government seeks to prevent greenwashing and to promote products with verified evaluations of their environmental footprints.


A ticket to enter for eco-friendly building and development projects

EPDs are often considered by construction industry players as tickets to enter for sustainable building and development projects. When it is BREEAM, LEAD or DGNB accredited, your product’s EPD generates credits for these labels and contributes to the overall sustainable performance of the project. This is why EPDs are used in tendering and consulted by architects and building projects.

How Enperas can support your business


LCA Consultancy

Our LCA Consultancy is for smaller companies interested in launching their first lifecycle assessment.

  • First, we hold a kick-off meeting that introduces LCA concepts and standards.
  • Next, we guide you through the data collection phase and complete a model of your product’s lifecycle.
  • We discuss the results with you and detail them in an LCA background report and EPD.
  • The results are verified and approved by an independent third party before publication in an EPD database.
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Our LCA QUADRANT tool is for large businesses that want to assess several products in multiple countries, or that want to practice end-to-end eco-design.

  • This customised solution offers quick and easy impact calculations based on multiple EPD programs for products manufactured and used in different regions.
  • The toolkit requires no modelling, data record assignment or updates.
  • Easily use the calculated impacts to highlight your most environmentally friendly solutions and guide your sustainability initiatives.
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