How we help your business succeed in sustainability with LCA

Comply in a click with (inter)national legislation

Buildings and infrastructure have a huge impact on our environmental footprint, hence LCA has been standardized for building materials since 2012 (EN15804).

To reduce this impact and limit the ecological footprint of buildings, local EPD legislations and restrictions have been created. Furthermore the EN methodology has been adopted with specific deviations by EF to elaborate Product Environmental Footprints for all kinds of products.  Our LCA QUADRANT tool overcomes all these different interpretations with a single click because it has all the complements built-in.


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Calculate ecological footprints simply and easily

Our LCA QUADRANT tool is compartmentalised based on different lifecycle stages, and the ecological footprint of a product is calculated based on the stages you select. If one application changes, there is no need to edit product formulation, factory inputs, packaging, transport, etc. It also allows to complete the stages with the full inventory list of one facatory or one organization to calculate the Organizational Environmental Footprint (OEF). In otherwords it helps you to comply to the double materiality required by the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Streamlined LCAs for product ranges and plants

Because LCAs are limited to a specific product scope, when product variations are developed, new data records must be assigned and impacts recalculated. Our smart, customised LCA QUADRANT tool takes every single raw material (used or planned) into account, thus calculating the footprint of each product reference within a range. Multiple factories can be defined, enabling the calculation of a single product’s environmental footprint by factory.

Adhere to the most respected best practices, norms and standards

The backbone of the LCA model used by our LCA QUADRANT tool is based on EN 15804 +A2:2019, ISO standards 14040, 14044, and 14025, and all national European complements and methods. We also offer INIES, a methodology and set of requirements applied in France that are still based on EN 15804 +A1:2012. When calculating an EPD according to EN15804 +A2:2019, the LCA Tool adds the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) single score, defined by the European Commission’s Joint Research Center.


EN 15804 +A2:2019
EN 15804 +A1:2012


Empowered eco-design

The hotspot analyses and PEF single score offered by the LCA Tool result in simple, smart environmental footprint interpretations. Easily benchmark environmental performance across multiple products and even simulate the footprints of planned innovations.


Tailored EPDs for tenders

EPDs must be modeled and calculated, verified by a third party, and published by another party. The modeling and calculation phases are the most time-consuming, but the LCA QUADRANT tool reduces these processes to a few clicks. While verification and publication come with costs and effort, they are not always necessary for tendering. In your response, it’s possible to indicate the environmental footprint of a product in the context of a specific project and verify it after the tender is won.



For a manufacturing company requiring EPDs for 5 products in 4 countries, using the LCA QUADRANT tool results in an estimated cost savings of 50% and a time savings of 80%. A license is organisation based and includes setup consultancy and continuous updates of standards, norms, methods, data records, and scenarios. The tool is cloud-based and grants access to Enperas’ expertise, aftercare, and LCA-EPD ecosystem.

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Expert SME support with our LCA Consultancy

Take your first steps into eco-design with our LCA Consultancy. After a kick-off meeting that introduces LCA concepts and standards, we guide you through the data collection phase and complete a model of your product’s lifecycle. We discuss the results with you and detail them in an LCA background report and EPD, which are verified and approved by an independent third party before publication in an EPD database.

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