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What is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)?

Our corporate name Enperas stands for ENvironmental PERformance ASsessment – our core business. We perform lifecycle assessments (LCA) that calculates the environmental impacts of products in each lifecycle stage, from its raw materials over manufacturing to disposal. The results of an LCA are communicated in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

An EPD is a verifiable and accurate data information sheet that endorses and reinforces eco-friendly claims and drives global demand for and supply of more sustainable and circular products – from cradle to grave.


Why do I need an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

An EPD showcases the environmental footprint of your product, indicating its impact on global warming (CO2 eq), ozone depletion (CFC11 eq), fossil resource use and 13 other environmental metrics.

It enables you to communicate its environmental impacts to your stakeholders and market your products according to their sustainable or environmentally friendly characteristics.

Compliant with all European standards

Our EPDs and LCAs adhere to all European standards in the framework of CEN TC350; EN 15804 +A2:2019 and EN 15978, as well as ISO standards 14040, 14044 and 14025.

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Two core services for manufacturing companies


LCA Consultancy

Our LCA Consultancy is for smaller companies interested in launching their first lifecycle assessment. It includes a kick-off meeting, data collection, modelling and the creation of an LCA background report and EPD.

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Our LCA QUADRANT tool is for large businesses that want to assess multiple products in multiple countries, or that want to practice end-to-end eco-design. This customised LCA QUADRANT toolkit offers quick and easy impact calculations based on multiple EPD programs for products manufactured and used in different regions.

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