Digitalizing LCA consultancy at ETEX


  • LCA model for the full fibercement product range
  • LCA model applicable to all factories in the Baltics, Germany, Belgium, France, UK and Germany
  • Possibility to generate EPDs according to the Belgium EPD program
  • Possibility to generate EPDs according to the German IBU program
  • Evaluate sustainable product variation for ecodesign


  • Implementation webbased LCA tool tailored to ETEX
  • 5 Belgium Fiber cement EPDs verified out of the tool
  • 3 French INIES FDES under verification
  • Implementation of PEF singlescore for ecodesign purposes and easy interpretation


  • Expansion of the tool to cover calcium silicate range
  • Expansion of the tool to cover the South-east Asian factories
  • Expansion of the tool with the French INIES methodology to generate FDES


LCA software Quadrant


At ETEX we are very active on the prescription market with our architectural façade solutions. We learned from our market that our IBU EPDs published on the German platform were no longer sufficient. As the elaboration of LCAs and EPDs is expensive and time consuming we went looking for a better solution. We wanted quick environmental impact calculations of our full fibercement product range and to switch specific country methodologies with one single click. We found the solution with ENPERAS Quadrant.etex-logo-r2-1
"ENPERAS quadrant allows us to save time and react agile to new market requirements related to sustainability" - Peggy Van de velde

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