Capturing commercial value with EPDs – Case Interalu


Enable smart ceiling prescription through environmental databases consulted by architects active on our main markets.


  • B-EPDs on the FOD database and TOTEM tool
  • FDES on the French INIES database to calculate E+C- label
  • MRPIs on the Dutch NMD to calculate MKI score




LCA consultancy

As INTERALU provides smart ceilings for green buildings on the project market, Environmental Product Declarations are critical for us. As our ceilings are prescribed by architects we want to be visible with our EPDs in the relevant environmental databases on our markets. Therefore we started with B-EPDs of our products that can be selected through the TOTEM building tool on our home market. Later we reprocessed the B-EPD LCA studies to register FDES and MRPI that gives us a presence on the French INIES database and on the Dutch “Nationale Milieu DataBase”.


Doing so our smart ceilings contribute to the calculation of the environmental performance of a building according to Belgian green public procurement, French Energy Positive – Carbon Negative attestation, and Dutch Environmental Cost Indicator or MKI.

"We are very happy to have found ENPERAS that can tackle our EPD challenges on all these markets and allows us to capture commercial value with our EPDs" - INTERALU

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